20 Actors Who Were Forced To Hide Their Pregnancy Onset

These Hollywood Actresses Had To Hide Their Pregnancy While Filming A Movie
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Actors seem to live in another world. They have fancy lifestyles, lavish homes, and expensive cars. It’s hard to imagine that anything could go wrong, especially when they’ve landed the role of a lifetime. But they deal with the same unexpected mishaps we do, like pregnancy. Now, some shows and films don’t require a ton of death-defying stunts. Others do.

So, when an actress is expecting, it’s really tough to swing a sword around at pirates or lasso Ares, the God of War. The studios are certainly not going to risk anything happening to their main stars, because, hello, lawsuit! But when there’s an actor who’s totally committed to the role, the last thing they want to do is stop working, right?

They want to keep going until the very last day of shooting. But that’s not so easy when they’re playing a character that isn’t pregnant. So sometimes, writers, costume designers and even the actresses themselves have to come up with creative solutions to keep audiences from spotting the baby bump. Now it’s a lot easier to handle a pregnancy when an actress is on a TV show. A few changes to the storyline here and there and the character can get written out for a couple of episodes.

But the clock is ticking when actors are shooting a film. Decisions must be made, and in some cases, roles may get recast for the greater good. But at the end of the day, everyone, actress and studio alike come out feeling like they’ve accomplished the impossible.


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