Celebrities who admire/likes the legendary girl group 2NE1!
Foreign Celebrities Who Love 2NE1
1. Lorde – During her rise with “Royals,” Lorde sat down for an interview where one of the questions addressed K-pop. The ambitious singer praised K-pop and offered to write songs for the genre while listing Lee Hi, Girls’ Generation, and 2NE1 as one of her favorite artists. A few years later, she gave a shoutout to CL asking for a collaboration.
2. Emma Stone – During one of her interviews on Conan O’Brien’s show, Emma Stone raved about K-pop being her latest obsession. She also introduced 2NE1 as her favorite artist at the time and their song “I Am The Best” being her jam.


2NE1 K-Idols Fangirls & Fanboys
1. BlockB’s Zico confesses that Park Bom is one of his ideal types as he likes girls with volume and nice thighs!
2. Eric Nam reveals he’s a big fan of 2NE1, wants to work with CL and does several covers of the group’s songs!
3. Park Tae Hwan, Olympic Gold Medalist and World Champion swimmer confesses that Dara is his ideal type!!
4. Infinite SungJong is a fan of 2NE1 especially Park Bom and was excited when he heard their song on a radio show!
5. Jay Park is a fan of 2NE1, their music, would like to collaborate with them and once attended their concert!
6. EXO singing while 2NE1 is performing live
7. Actor, Lee Dong Wook once said that 2NE1 is the best group, was in a CF with CL and is now friends with Bom!

1. Ailee have chosen 2NE1 many times when they ask which girl group she would like to be in if she had the chance!
2. Secret Number’s Jinny Park – She was apart of “Future 2NE1” and “Pink Punk” lineup, aka the pre-debut Black Pink lineup but she was removed from the group before they debuted. She’s a fan of 2ne1 and her favorite member is CL.
3. Secret Number’s Dita – 2ne1 is the first Kpop group that she listened to.
4. Somi disclosed that she considered 2NE1 as her role model and explained that she wanted to be a singer after seeing 2NE1. She also added, “I sang Lonely during my audition and got into JYP Entertainment.” The discussion continued with an impromptu performance between the two, which fulfilled Somi’s wish to sing with her idol.
5. Hwasa has been open about her love for 2NE1 – in 2015, she recommended 2NE1’s “First Mini Album” for fans to listen to. Hwasa’s pre-debut performance with fellow member Wheein. The duo sang a rendition of 2NE1’s “I Don’t Care”.
6. TWICE couldn’t help but show their inner fangirls as soon as Minzy began dancing.

Let me know who are the 2NE1 K-Idol fans you know who are not included on the list, comment down below. I will make part 2 with this with more K-IDOLS who loves 2NE1. Emma Stone was included on the list but due to copyright issues it was taken down and trimmed out on the video.
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