BTS Racism, Cultural Appropriation, Colorism & Cultural Insensitivity

BTS Racism, Cultural Appropriation, Colorism & Cultural Insensitivity | Kpop History & Black Culture

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Bang Shi Hyuk: BTS creates Black music

Lee Soo Man: Kpop is based on Black music

JYP: His label’s sound is Black music with a kpop feel [Soul in Seoul: African American Popular Music and K-pop By Crystal S. Anderson, page 70]

Bang PD inspired by YG & SM + worked for JYP

Bang PD thanks JYP for teaching him

Suga and Jin: V Stockings interview

Namjoon compares Jungkook to blackface character Michol

K-Pop idol Lee Gikwang of Beast does blackface impersonating racist Korean cartoon character Michol

How Watermelon became a racist symbol against Black people during the Jim Crow era

Namjoon Interview (March 2015 apology)

Hoseok Braids Mic Drop Comeback Stage September 2017

Hoseok Braids October 2017

Hoseok Braids Performance

Hoseok inkigayo braids

Hoseok music bank braids

Hoseok vision street wear braids

American Hustle Life Episode 4 [24:58]

Yoongi & Namjoon call Hoseok dark, BTS Begins: When they first met each other reactions [00:41]

Jin letter to Jungkook

J-Hope commissions Lee Dongi to create Chicken Noodle Soup cover art

Rastafarian colors explained

BTS sings n word

Namjoon, V & J-Hope too black

Jimin Namjoon Maori chief [00:42]

Jungkook calls Namjoon baked egg [02:00]

Namjoon “change your hair” [02:28]

BTS ‘naega’ change, press conference [13:28]

Namjoon n word Shinhwa song [02:02]

Shinhwa performs “T. O. P” in 2015 with n word [02:27]

Namjoon 2013 “Black English” [02:18]

Namjoon 2015 “African American English” [02:10]

Jimin calls Jungkook kkamdoongie

Kkamdoongie (mocking dark skin tone) [14:10] Jin & Juice

Kkamdoongie (n word) JAYKEEOUT x VWVB [00:12]

Namjoon suggests him & Sangmin get dreadlocks [05:09]

Namjoon calls his debut hair ‘dope’ & laughs [02:24]

Jin’s Bon Voyage 2 letter to Jungkook

Namjoon January 2017 “RM’s Hello 2017!” Vlive [07:46]

BTS Native American names, Run EP 37 [12:45]

Namjoon no more dream hair, aggressive [30:09]


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