Is Do Kyung-soo the best K-pop idol actor?

Almost everyone has heard about one of the most excited band, ‘EXO’. So far, many of the members of EXO have shown unique varieties of their talent. Apart from watching them sing and dance, we have seen them act in various films and dramas. In this video, we will talk about a star member of EXO whose acting skills have made us pause our breath. Yes, we are going to talk about the main vocalist of EXO, DO Kyungsoo. He has been a worldwide phenomenon as a part of EXO, who has been an in-demand actor following a chain of successful roles. Having 16 acting awards at his name, including the Best New Actor Successes at both BaekSang Arts Awards and Blue Dragon Film Awards, this guy has no sign of slowing down his acting career. Even his post-military return to the big screen was beyond words.

However, in this video, we will try to prove why we call him the best K-pop idol actor. You may already know; many successful actors have come from K-pop. K-pop idols like Top, Suzy, IU have also proved themselves by their fantastic acting skill. However, today I will tell you the story of DO, who became the best actor beyond others. So, without any further ado, let’s get started. Stay tuned until the last moment of the video.


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