Male K-Pop Idol Make Up and Jewelry Style


Male k-pop idol makeup

K-Pop has influenced many with their style, especially in makeup and skincare. The boom of K-Pop played a big part with the flourish of the K-Beauty industry. As people discover K-pop idols, they get influenced with how they take care of their skin, do their style of make-up and also how they put together an outfit.

Idols have created a new category in the makeup world. Many make up wearers consider applying their make up based on the latest idol styles and trends. And you can easily distinguish “idol makeup” when a person is sporting it. Those straight eyebrows, sparkly eyes, subtle eyeliner, gradient lips, and dewy skin are some of the famous styles of idol makeup, especially for girls (think BlackPink, TWICE, Red Velvet, etc).

female k-pop idol makeup

But male idols are not an exception creating their own trends for their makeup and style. Unlike Korean actors and other celebrities in the world, male K-Pop idols are also as extravagant (in a good way) as K-Pop girl idols. Gone are the days that males are limited to none or simple makeup. Male K-Pop idols have shown that they can also pull off makeup without degrading their masculinity and its really part of their art. Because of this, there are so many male idols who endorse makeup, including domestic and foreign brands.

So, let’s take a look at some of male idols’ makeup and style!


Although eyeliners can be seen used by those who are into emo music and alike, K-Pop male idols are also using eyeliners but not in the “emo” way. They usually use it to make their eyes bigger or to accentuate their eye makeup more. They also don’t do it like other female idols or celebrities where they do the wing style, but just so that their eye makeup pops. Some idols have the Asian eye shape so they enhance it with eyeliner. Bigbang member G-Dragon is famous for almost always using eyeliner in his looks.


Using eyeshadow as part of a male makeup is very rare. But in kpop, male idols rock them. And it’s not just the boring one shade eyeshadows. They really sport eyeshadows that are usually worn by female idols without looking feminine. Male idols really nail different looks using eyeshadow looks that can be smoky, glittery, and more. EXO’s Baekhyun is one of the male idols who’s famous for his eyeshadow. Baekhyun started the trend of burgundy makeup when he attended Seoul Gayo Daesang. His eye look was mimicked by beauty Youtubers and also by the public. Another idol who is famous for his eyeshadows is Taemin. Especially when he’s promoting solo, his aesthetic includes his eye makeup. To complete the SM Entertainment list, another idol from the agency who is famous for pretty eye looks is none other than NCT’s leader, Taeyong. Bambam is also popular for doing bold eyeshadows.

Blush and Lipstick

Using bold colors for blush is not so common in male idols, but there are also some who are not afraid of wearing it like SHINee’s Key, EDawn, and more. Same with using lipstick.  All idols do use lipstick but it’s usually the same with their lip color or the MLBB ones. But there are also those who are not afraid to flaunt their luscious lips with a red color or bright colors. Examples are Kwon Hyunbin, Park Ji Hoon, and more.

Contact Lens

Although this is not part of makeup, this completes the look of male idols. They almost always use colored contact lenses so that their eyes and makeup will blend well and look even better. Male idols are also considered endorsers for contact lenses.

Piercing and Jewelry

Another element that completes many idols’ styles are piercings. Many male idols have piercings and most are even bold enough to wear dangling earrings. And it really suits them well and proves that dangling and other intricate earrings are definitely part of their artistic style statements.

Many male idols also sport rings, necklaces and other accessories as part of their look.  Even though the pieces may not be big and masculine, the idols still look sexy and use these pieces to polish off their overall look… while driving the jewelry trend among men globally.

Hair color

Men use hair color to polish off their overall look and are not shy about trying a variety of colors to match their outfits, highlight their eyes and  express their creative, artsy side.

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