lets talk: where i’ve been lately + some kpop news!

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for today’s video,
I will be talking one on one with you guys about why i’ve been gone from youtube for so long and some spicy kpop news!

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How old are you? – 14 yummy years 🙂
On what do you edit? – vllo (but sometimes vn IF I REALLY NEED IT 🧍‍️)
pronouns? – she/her !!
how long have you been a kpop Stan? – 2016-2017 !!

no fancams for this video…

step back – https://youtu.be/SkX12M-IOCg

ping pong – https://youtu.be/lAPFKfVCa5s

hann – https://youtu.be/KntqL2x52eY

wave – https://youtu.be/Vn-MY4E7DIo

on the ground – https://youtu.be/Fg-gLi1jNoQ

videos on the two situations that happened –
soyeon and ateez situation:


soojin and her accusations of her past:

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bye bye !! Stay safe and stay cute !!


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