Top 10 Most Popular Boy Group in 2020

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K-Pop has been popular in Korea and overseas for a while now and to be honest, it’s hard to say who’s the most popular group because each of them is popular in their own way. And… it’s actually hard to measure popularity don’t you agree? With this, we’ll bring you the statistics of the year 2020 (Source: to tell you who’s currently dominating the K-Pop scene.

The top ten list is the average ranking of the boy groups from January to December 2020.

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1) BTS

BTS has been owning brand ranking reputation for years now. They maintained the top spot in the group category as well as the individual ranking. BTS is not only popular in Korea but they also dominated the world with their music. BTS composed of RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook is loved by many fans all over the world and whatever they do, even the slightest thing will automatically trend.They also appeared on several international shows and they have worked with famous superstars. Their fans are also very dedicated to the group and BTS has been achieving several milestones because of their hard work and fans’ dedication.

2) EXO

The nine member group from SM Entertainment, EXO. They debuted in 2012 but still, they are considered one of the top boy groups nowadays. Despite some members being on hiatus due to military service, the remaining members are doing their best to promote themselves as an individual and as a member of EXO. EXO as a group is on hiatus but there are rumors that with the return of D.O., the group will promote actively once again.

3) NCT

NCT rose to fame in 2020. Although they are considered part of the top 10 most famous kpop boy groups before, their popularity rapidly increased in 2020. Even though the world was hit with pandemic, NCT made 2020 their year. Each promotion of NCT’s sub group was a success in 2020. Not just in music charts but they also achieved the million seller title for album category in 2020. NCT debuted in 2016 and currently, there are 20 members with members participating in several sub groups.


Just like BTS and EXO, Seventeen is considered the top 3 boy group for the past years. Ever since they debuted, the 13 members continuously gained their fame with their abilities in music, dance and more. Seventeen also got their title million seller (for album category) in 2020 after 5 years of debuting. Seventeen is not only famous for their music but also with their variety skills. Even their Youtube show “Going Seventeen” trends with the general public and has been viewed by millions of people.


Astro may not be on par with the album sales of the boy groups on the above list but their fandom’s support is stable. Most popular member Cha Eunwoo is also active as an idol, actor and variety star and other members are also promoted in other activities such as musicals, web dramas and more. All the shows that ASTRO participated in garnered hundreds of thousands views with their great chemistry and wit as a group.


15 years in the industry, Super Junior remained popular up until now. With their fandom’s undying love to the 9 member group and the members promoting actively as an individual and as a group. The group may have experienced ups and downs but ever since they became 9 again (everyone finished their military enlistment), the group’s popularity is on the rise. Super Junior will release their promised album to commemorate their 15th Anniversary (November 6) this 2021.

7) SHINee

With the return of Onew, Key and Minho from the military, SHINee has been the talk of the town in 2020. Although the group was on hiatus because of the military, member Taemin held onto SHINee’s name and promoted as a SHINee member and as an individual. SHINee has been active in the industry for 13 years and their music is still loved by everyone up to this day. SHINee will return as 4 with the new album “Don’t Call Me” on February 22.


Ever since their revival in 2017, NU’EST remained in the top ten most popular boy groups in Korea. Although their presence in the International community is not as evident as other groups in the list, NUEST is well known in South Korea. Aside from their solid fandom and their stable album sales, each member of the group is well known and are receiving love calls from brands, magazines and programs. In 2020, NU’EST only released one album but they still maintained their spot in the top 10 for the brand ranking proving their popularity with the public.


Another group with a solid fan base in Korea and overseas. Monsta X debuted in 2015 with 7 members and although Wonho is not part of the group anymore, remaining members maintained their popularity. Just like NUEST, Monsta X is stable on charts, album sales and they are also landing endorsements left and right. Currently, Monsta X is the face of global beauty brand, Urban Decay.


The youngest group in the list, The Boyz. The Boyz was considered one of the most anticipated groups that debuted in 2017. True enough, they are now part of the top 10 ranking. The Boyz already got the attention of many ever since their debut and after they participated in Mnet’s “Road To Kingdom”, their popularity even doubled. The Boyz won on the program and they are set to appear on the upcoming Mnet program “Kingdom” wherein only relevant and popular boy groups will participate. Many are already looking forward on what The Boyz will show as the youngest group on the show.

How about you? Who’s your top 10 most popular kpop boy group?

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