Top 13 Highest Paid Korean Actors and Actresses of 2021

The Hallyuwave has been so contagious that #Koreanactors are famous not only in Korea, but also throughout the entire world! We see their faces plastered all over subway walls, at award ceremonies, in magazines, and all over social media. Their faces are also on drinks and other merchandise. In short, we see these actors everywhere.
Based on their upcoming #kdramas , #koreanmovies, and sponsors, we’ve compiled a list of the Korean Actors and #Koreanactresses that we think will be the highest paid #Koreandrama actors next year! Which actors and actresses do you want/think will be the highest paid next year? Let us know in the comment section down below!
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1. Park Bo-gum
First on our list is one of the most in demand actors today, Park Bo-gum. Currently the face of many brands, who would’ve thought that Park Bo-gum filed for bankruptcy in his early 20s? Being assigned as a guarantor for the money his father loaned, he inherited the debt of his father. At the peak of his youth, are you shocked that Park Bo-gum acquired a huge debt? Because of their inability to pay off the debt, the money loaned by his father increased by a lot because of the interest rate.

2. Park Shin Hye
Whether we are talking about Korean dramas or movies, Park Shin Hye’s name will surely pop up. A household name today in the world of K-drama, Park Shin Hye is listed as one of the highest paid actresses. But before her fame, things weren’t so well for the actress. In an episode of a Korean variety show, Park Shin Hye shared that her family faced financial difficulties.

3. IU (Lee Ji-eun)
Dominating both concert stages and the K-drama world, IU also used to face financial difficulties in her life. The singer-actress live a relatively comfortable childhood, but that was until debt came into their lives. Her family fell into debt to the point that IU and her brother ended up living with their grandmother. It even came to a point that their home once got infested with cockroaches.

4. Rain (Jung Ji-hoon)
Despite his great success today, the Full House actor has had a sad past. We’ve heard other actors struggle financially in the past, but one of the most painful stories belongs to Rain. Unfortunately, the singer-actor experienced hunger. Hardships in their lives brought them to having no food at home. This challenge in their lives was brought by the 1997 Korean financial crisis that led Rain’s father to declare bankruptcy.

5. Hyeri (Lee Hye-ri)
A round of applause for the Reply 1988 star, Hyeri, for her donations to different campaigns. Knowing what it’s like to struggle financially, our idol is constantly helping donation drives. Growing up with a mother who worked as a factory worker, Hyeri shared her feelings during a celebrity talk show back in 2017.

6. Seo In Guk
Collecting boxes in the streets and recycling them to earn some money, Seo In Guk lived a poor life just like what we see in some of his dramas and movies. In order to have food on their table, the actor’s mom worked in the streets to provide for their needs. Even after entering the world of entertainment, Seo In Guk’s mom didn’t stop working in the streets.

7. Han So Hee
Before having success in the spotlight, many actors really struggled to make ends meet, and one of them is Han So Hee. The World of the Married star was so different from her role in the drama, a daughter of a rich family, because in reality, she worked in a bar for over a year to pursue acting. With her fresh and glowing aura, who would’ve thought that the actress faced financial difficulties?

8. Sandara Park
Another star with a family that declared bankruptcy, Sandara Park joins our list. Reaching a point where even a bus ride was a luxury, the Korean singer-actress went to the Philippines to start over again.

9. Cha Seung Won
Living in a house or an apartment? For Cha Seung Won, he spent years living in a basement with his now ex-wife. Marrying at an early age, the actor struggled to make ends meet. Truly living in poverty, Cha Seung Won didn’t do much during his childhood because he couldn’t afford to try anything.
The actor is confirmed to star in the new drama, That Night, with one of the most in demand actors today, Kim Soo Hyun.

10. Song Jae Rim
Taking a spot in our list is Song Jae Rim. Budgeting is a must, especially when you don’t have a lot of money. At a young age, Song Jae Rim kept track of his expenses because his family lived in poverty. He even shared his experience of growing up poor in an episode of MBC’s Human Documentary.


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